2015.02.28 Michelle Story, End of Part 1, 9 pages up!

OK! We're done with part 1 and part 2 starts up right away next week. The only reason I'm calling this part 1 is I feel there is a distinct art style upgrade happening for the next chapter (at least in my opinion). The next section was done right after this one but for me something was just 'clicking' and it was WAY easy to draw. The images just flew off the page all by their lonesome and the drawings were so much fun to do! I've shown some snippets of the upcoming work and I do hope you'll enjoy it!

Talk with you soon!







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2015.02.14 Michelle Story – five more pages and an update!

OK everyone! Five more pages are up and the story is winding down fast. Part two is ALREADY DONE and it clocks in at 140 pages so plenty of art is coming.

I've enjoyed posting these stories and thank you for sticking in there with the updates. I hope you like this format. For me, it's very nice to be a lot looser on some of the pages where I loose steam then switch out to more rendering for the showcase pages. It also allows me to move through artistic ideas a little faster. Basically, more experimenting and more variety, etc.

Growth Lab is still on the burner - albeit a slow cooking one. Right now though we have a nice stable of work so expect very consistent updates for a long while. I personally believe the art takes it up a step for the next round. An added benefit of doing a lot of art is I was able to get in much needed facial and figure practice. I'm by NO MEANS any DaVinci but I think the work is moving along. At some point in 2014 I could see a shift in my style to much more proportional bodies and faces. Still got the huge boobs happening but in my opinion things just look better (if that makes sense).

Hope you enjoy the latest and watch out for the next wave!






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2015.02.06 Michelle Story – SIX pages up now for you!

OK, six pages went up. Again - this is a looser set but it is more about moving the semblance of a story forward! HA! We're getting ready to roll over into part 2 with more growth and more action. Some of the previews you have been seeing are from the next chapter in the saga!

Talk with you soon!








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2015.02.02 Hannah – upcoming story preview!

A little late night work from an upcoming episode.

This one show Hannah getting in on the growth. Hey, you didn't think it was always about Luna? haha

Enjoy and talk with you soon.




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