2015.05.24 Upcoming Stories

As you might already know - I'm about half a year ahead of what you are seeing here for the weekly updates. I've been working hard to keep a steady 5 pages a week update schedule after last year's somewhat intermittent updates.

Down the line we are taking a look at what happened RIGHT after GLab 6. The idea is to cover the characters introduced there and get a feeling of how that affected attendees. Mostly though, it's an excuse to go back and draw some of the old favs much better (AT LEAST THAT IS THE HOPE!). I expect to bring back Naomi and some of the people from her class. I also want to backstory a little bit about Benton and what exactly is going on with that guy. He's pretty random as at is.

I had a bunch of old stories long forgotten in time with people from that group. I recall the stories better than I imagine they were. Maybe I'll go back and retell some of those too!

So more to come and keep checking back!


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Question from the Gallery! Female Muscle Growth

Another great question I think you might be interested in! I get this one from time to time!

tomasfr89 said

Hi! First time commenter here, love your stuff and your comics, even when they don't make sense (that's when the fun really begins). I have a question: male characters usually go full-Hulk when they're growing, like Benton in this comic. Will be ever see a female character Hulk-out like that? I think that Hanna would love some muscle in her growth.

Female Muscle Growth!!! I have gotten this one a few times over the years. Normally the request is for more! haha. It's on my list for sure. One thing (at least for me personally) is it's normally not drawn since it isn't really my 'thing'. Doesn't mean I don't like it or I object to it - just doesn't pop up a lot in my storylines since I tend to draw straight BE stuff with GTS in there.

I think I might add in some muscle growth for some females and see how it goes. Maybe for one character or the like. I have to defer to the master of animated FMG The Leviathan (http://0-the-leviathan-0.deviantart.com/). His work actually made me think a little differntly about doing more FMG. I highly recommend checking out Chaos Movie 3 (I think that is the title) for some amazing FMG work. (like to movie here - Chaos Movie 3 link on Daily Motion)

So yes, FMG will get in there, might be a little at first and we can go from there.


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Forum Question: Growth Energy Source?

A post from the forums you might enjoy.

ipsofacto13 said
Please explain, what type of energy is causing these characters to grow/expand so rapidly?

Perhaps I can tap the zero point field, funnel it into anatomical based molecular structures via micro EM based emissions, thus causing this effect to take place within a human body, in real life.

HA! Sure, that would be possible!

The original Growth Lab was about some sort of a sci-fi experiment gone wrong. I didn't really have much figured out beyond I wanted to draw BE/GTS and I was thinking about the Hulk comics at the time. So I had a female character invent a super serum and accidentally get blasted with stuff during her research. As a side effect there were actual pills/candy that were made which also allow someone to grow if eaten.

From there the whole idea expanded to be about a growth energy that once activated would not only cause a person to grow but possibly trigger growth in people around that person. I only partially explored and explained the reasons for that effect but I'm playing around with ideas!

The energy itself (and you are hearing this here for the first time I believe) has been the result of a government funded project to create a super soldier (much like Captain America). The intention was to give that person extra durability and mass; allowing them to survive in hostile environments longer (like space). This is why people aren't just dying all over the place in space or when buildings fall on them when they grow. It also is a nice excuse to partially explain where all that extra mass might be coming from. Not perfect but hey, this ain't "Science Talk" here. haha

So, the growth energy is something that once it is in place can build and grow on itself. I recently introduced Luna as someone who is a variation on the standard growing person. She is a battery of sorts who can store a tremendous amount of energy as opposed to Naomi who can generate a huge amount of energy.

As for the exact source, well that is still be written so to speak!


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2015.05.08 Michelle’s Saga – Five new pages up!

Things are winding down but is it over? Probably not!

And YES, these are the pages I was hinting at back in October 2014 (this post). Can you believe I was that far ahead (and still am?). Crazy huh?







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Avengers 2 Hulk Scene that didn’t happen? No way!

**some Spoilers if you haven't seen Avengers 2**

Well, this made my day. Clearly a RUMOR and completely unsubstantiated but wow - wouldn't it have been neat...

There was talk of a scene (spoilers?) where Ultron hates Iron Man the most and also is aware that the Hulk is the strongest Avenger and the biggest threat to him, so at the climax Iron Man shows up at the church and gets pummeled by Ultron until the suit is falling apart and skin and blood are showing through— that's when the skin starts turning green and the Hulk explodes out of the suit that Tony had been controlling remotely to trick Ultron into coming face to face with Hulk.


Photo from Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United (2013)

The rumor is from here: http://www.slashfilm.com/best-hulk-scene/

It's even from the comments section of the article so really take it with a grain of salt but man - what a great idea. I love it a hundred times over. Turns out the real rumor was having the Hulk be grey after Scarlet Witch gets in his head. Cool stuff but not as cool as this!


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Thoughts on Growth Lab and the Characters in it!

Well, it's been kinda dead in the forums but I thought I might toss out a little discussion about the current story and see if any are interested in talking about it. 

Let's start with the fairly obvious conclusion nearly all of my stories start with my just scribbling down some random idea about BE/GTS. If you are onboard with that you should be OK with the logic that follows. Lately I have been working to tie up a bunch of loose threads in the various Growth Labs. Mainly the things that happened between the Naomi period and the Luna period and what exactly are the various abilities and powers of the people affected. 

I would also like to say that Ragnarok385 is CLEARLY a huge influence on the latest stories. He has had a profound influence on the work I have been doing and his dialog and storytelling have really helped me along (though I am nowhere near his level). 

So, a few things before I dive in. There are basically two core types and one sub type people in the stories:

  • Power Sources for the growth energy - these people would be the ones who through there actions or intents can give off growth energy. Naomi 
  • Batteries - these people can basically absorb a huge amount of energy and store it. For the most part they do not grow at all unless they are near their limit. Luna is this type of person. 
  • Regular Affected (or maybe infected) - these are the people around the other two who are affected by the growth energy. 

Now - this is all not set in stone and there are variations and stuff within the various people but it sets up a dynamic where we can have Luna run around and basically sponge up a bunch of energy for a long time and never grow. Naomi is kinda the opposite ALTHOUGH she can hold off a growing but it is very hard. All the rest though are pretty well subject to the amount of energy around versus their own person willpower and ability to resist growing. 

I have never really given the whole thing any sort of giant science relating backing or really looked to explain it but i thought it might be fun to put some of the general thinking out there for people if they were curious. I guess since the GLabs have been going so long some rules sort of codified over time.

One of the things I'm doing with the latest (as yet unpublished story) is going over the events right after the prom night in GLab 7. Sorta the backstory on what exactly happened with people like Benton and some of the others. Kinda makes for an interesting side story to see the effect of the whole thing from a different angle. 

More to come but feel free to chime in with any things you are liking or want to see more of. I will explain what I can but many answers may be "It seemed OK at the time!" unless of course Ragnarok385 had a hand then it will make much more sense in general. haha


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