Sep 072014

Some really good news for YOU this week. I put out the call for some help and YOU CAME THROUGH! Specifically bursting-boobs-lover and gl81274 both stepped forward and offered their help and time for the greater good of the community here. Give them a HAND FOLKS!

This week’s letter is done bursting-boobs-lover. Please give him all the credit for the neatness and layout and none of the blame if you notice any spelling errors or strange grammar (that is all on me). This was a huge thing for him to do and I think it makes the whole reading experience much nicer. Ideally this will continue while we go through this comic and we get you the best work possible.

Thank YOU again for stopping by and enjoy the latest from this week. For those who are wondering we will get around to re-lettering the older pages. Right now, we’re just concentrating on the new stuff!



Aug 312014

OK!! New pages up!

Also, I have been talking with a few of you about getting some lettering assistance with upcoming pages of Michelle. It looks like there might be some REALLY good news soon. I spoke with a couple people who had some serious skillage and if all works out we’ll get you some nice lettering sooner than later. And THOSE people will get a SWEET Ready Art Zone hookup!

If you’re still interested – drop me a line. There may be upcoming work!


Aug 242014

***EDIT*** – corrected the email contact! If you already sent something try a PM or the new address below!

Ok – the latest pages are up and I have a request. It’s ENTIRELY optional but I am curious if anyone reading can actually help out.

One of the things I enjoy doing is provided as much free BE/GTS art as I can and that is the whole reason for this site. I do appreciate all those who buy comic and please understand all those donations go to the site and the server costs. Whatever is left goes to art supplies and art programs which in turn provide more free art. That said – I have TONS of stories like this but the creation of a nice inked page with letter takes a long while. You can see the latest story is a little, how shall we say, ROUGH. The dialog is pretty scribbly as has been pointed out by a few (one of those few being me!).

So here’s the question:

Anyone want to help me letter this thing with some nice fonts so it’s more readable and then I can make the story available for everyone here in a higher res format for free? You heard right – just help take my handwritten dialog and turn it into printed dialog. I obviously could do it but I’m slammed with RL work and what I really would like is some help cleaning up the lettering and create dialog balloons so I can put up a more proper story. I have used Manga Studio and Photoshop for lettering in the past and it’s pretty easy to do (I can supply the royalty free fonts). If anyone has any desire I would set you up in the SUPER SECRET Ready Art Zone Meeting Room and we can go from there. You would also get a copy of the story in Ultra High Res too as peaks at upcoming art and stories.

It that sound in ANY way like something you can help with then awesome and have my eternal gratitude. Drop me a line (remove spaces) granitelog @ hotmail . com or PM me.  If not – no worries. The story will continue in it’s current form if nothing else.

Thanks for stopping by!



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