2016.04.26 Balloon Inflation Expansion

So, check this out. I have a story coming down the line with some balloon inflation type expansion. Mostly a pretty tame story with this plus irregular GTS growth (body parts growing at differing speeds).

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Balloon Inflation Sample.jpg

Wanted to get a quick pulse of how people feel about this or if they even care. I doubt this will ever be my “main thing” but I wanted to mix things up a little and it’s fun enough story.

Thoughts welcome in the comments!


2016.03.05 Revelations Story Preview

Don’t forget! This weekend’s update is LIVE (see below)

Doing some work tonight on commissions and new art for the site. Wanted to share some work in progress of Luna from the latest story I’m on. You don’t need to know too much except Luna is out trying to discover the reason behind her special type of growth. In earlier stories we find out she is like a huge battery storing things up with sometimes catastrophic results.

Well things get out of hand and her chest ends up in some rather large hands (new character). Needless to say, can an outbreak be far behind?

What we have here are a before and after series of a panel. This is how I normally rough things out and then finish them. I am sharing since I feel the rough has a lot of great energy to it and I always love the little lines you get when you put down the pose. The final is nice too but I will be honest in telling you the big trick in art is taking the energy of the rough and translating it to the final. That’s where the secret is people! Hope you enjoy the look and this story will be a ways out (there are two more ahead of it).