2017.03.24 Unstoppable Update with six pages and MORE!

*** SITE MOVING TO NEW (FASTER) SERVER! If you had trouble getting on the site read this!***

Latest update is live as well as the old login system. Let’s talk about this one for a moment. (this might also cause some slowdown but we shall see)

Site Slowdown (Read this if you are having trouble)

It’s possible the site goes a little bonkers with people logging back in and checking their user settings. I don’t know this will happen FOR CERTAIN but I’m going to keep an eye on it over the weekend. The obvious solution to this would be to turn off the user login again. I’m hoping to avoid that. Again, your support is always welcome as it’s your generosity that helps pay for new features as well as basic maintenance.

Site Migration (About the new server)

OK! We are moving to a new and faster server – if you notice any hiccups it could be due to that. This new server is all possible due to support from the Ready Art Patreon so you can thank the generous donations from that crew. If you want to chip in EVEN a buck you can do so by clicking on the link in the corner. Any amount is appreciated.

Login again!

OK – the whole reason this got turned off was we had a huge bandwidth issue a while back. Turning off the log in and the membership basically brought the site back up to speed but it did take away some niceties that I would like to see come back. Namely – we are talking about things like the forums and maybe member exclusive sneak peaks at new stories.

I’m going to leave the log in and new registration on for a little bit and see how the site reacts. I *might* upgrade our hosting plan but it really depends on the money situation and what we need. Right now the Patreon is what is helping fund this site and any upgrades would likely come directly out of that money.

Patreon Support Welcome!

I don’t ask for much but if you want to support old Ready and the site then that is where you can do it. The Patreon is ahead of the main site in art releases and gets high res version of the work. Any donation goes right back into new art and making sure the site is running at top speed. Donations as low as $1/month are welcome and you can even work it so you do a one time donation if you like.



Unstoppable – SIX PAGES!


2017.03.22 You can Log in and change your Avatar! (again)

First – check out that little Login box up in the top right hand corner – YOU SEE THAT!?!?!

OK, you thought this might never happen but it did!

If you EVER registered for the site you can simply log back in and now you can change your avatar – JUST LIKE BEFORE! Yep, folks we rolled back the clock to when you could access your own little avatar. If you don’t recall your password you can reset it too! how about that.

For new users you can now register! Oh man – the hits just keep on coming!

Ok – the reason behind all this is I was thinking about adding a few new goodies to the site and reinstating some of the old stuff. To do that I wanted you to get back to your account. I will be watching the site for a little while to see if the server can handle the load without going nuts. One of the reasons we stopped logging people in was a near five day overload of the server about two years back. Ideally that is behind us.

So log in, see what you think and tell me if you have any problems.


2017.03.17 Unstoppable Update – SIX PAGES! Alt Story talk too!

Unstoppable and six NEW pages! Check out the latest!

Also wanted to drop a little info on the new alt storyline idea. So here’s the plan at this point. I am thinking of posting a 30 page (roughly) preview of the story written and drawn by me. This would be a first look at the alt universe and give you a sense of what I am talking about. The posting of this will not interfere with Unstoppable or any story. Effectively the week this is posted you will be a huge art dump of 36-40 pages. Pretty much a win-win for you. Even if you aren’t THAT into the new story idea you will still get a regular story. I also want to be clear this is just an ALTERNATE TAKE and not likely to be a long term thing. Still though I have to admit it is a lot of fun to draw and write.

In related news it looks like Ragnarok will be posting his stories on this universe starting up this weekend. I will gather those up and put them in the story section here.

So – there you go – a lot of art is coming your way and it might be as soon as the next week or so!


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Unstoppable – SIX PAGES!