2014.12.14 Michelle Update – FIVE new pages!

Ok folks – we’re a little over halfway into the sketch story and what do you think? Are you liking this format? I’ll admit it’s not polished (hence the sketch part) but I do like the story direction myself and I am working to bring you some really nice pieces every now and then. Still thinking about the Patreon page but in the meanwhile – enjoy this and more to come. My all time fav sequence is coming up.

I also want to say this was the first story to me that had of the raw energy I had back in the day (late 90’s). My work was crap then in a lot of ways (and I’m still working to improve) but I really like some of the early stuff I did since I was just going for it at every turn. I think the Growth Labs were getting stale too until Ragnarok385 showed up and helped me out. He added a much needed bit of energy!

At any rate – drop some comments below and tell me how you like the progress!

More to come!






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  1. Thanks for the name drop despite not having any time at all to work on stuff. That being said “Michelle” is far from what I would call unpolished because it has a story and a lot of heart behind it. Like you said, this is what I remember from the late nineties (despite looking at it in the 2000s since I was just a wee lad back in the nineties XD). There is the raw talent and to me unpolished means there’s a lack of direction, lack of talent, or lack of articulation to help the reader or viewer understand what is going on.

    This is certainly not lacking in any of the above three things and I for one look forward to more of these little 5 page posts to get me through my weeks :)

    • Oh now! It’s been a very busy year for me also. 2012 was a breakthrough and my output was an all time high. 2013-14 were more of the normal experience where I had a pretty regular workload outside the RaZ. Still think the addition of your input and actual work was one of the best things to happen to the Growth Lab series and definitely allowed me to up my game quite a bit.

      Yah – the late nineties stuff was really fun since I wasn’t making for anyone in particular. I would mostly sit down, turn on some music and plow through 30-50 rough pages a night. Lots of scribbles but sometimes the diamond! Glad you’re liking the latest too. Very fun stuff and thanks for the kudos!!

    • HA! Well, let’s be clear. It’s certainly my favorite in recent memory and though some of my older work have gotten a little creaky I like it still. I think for me this story hit the right pace of work versus rewarding art. There’s a lot of loose stuff in here but that allowed me to keep moving and work on some things I wanted to hit. The upcoming sequence was one of those things. hahah

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2014.11.15 Michelle Update (with more Luna!)

And now the fun begins…..

Enjoy and see you next week!






2014.11.08 Michelle Update Live!

Michelle Story continues!!! Luna starts to get a little out of control don’t yah think?

Enjoy and see you soon!






2014.11.02 Vote Winner Power Girl BE/GTS up!


Check Kara out and  see what you think. Power Girl busting out in true Ready Art BE/GTS fashion!