Jul 112014

It’s been a long while and there are some things still on my list.

  • Growth Lab – hasn’t stopped. Still “in-development’. Nothing too huge to report about it at the moment. Ideas with Ragnarok are still banging around. Expect to see Luna and company coming around at some point. A little backstory – they are still in Asia and looking to get back to the US of A. Some new characters will be appearing and PERHAPS we will see an all out growth fest.
  • Raffle Contests – this will probably start back up once I finish the last winners.
  • Michelle – new sketch story. Nothing really elaborate and MUCH more inline with some of my less ‘polished’ work. A lot of ideas and really just a reason to bang out a ton of growth in a short time. It’s clocking in at 160+ pages but that is not to say they are 160 pages at the regular GLab finished are level; this would be - a little rougher.

General Life update: Well, it’s been about 2 1/2 years since the Ready Art Zone opened up. The first year was booming and the next year was a slow down for me as I took on a new job. I’m still at it but I love coming back here and doing work. I will continue to update the site and answer letters.

If you want to see more work, well the easiest way is to vote with your wallet and buy some issues. Alternately – you can donate but getting a “Set your price” comic and adding a little extra to the tab. All your money goes straight to he site and brings in more work. Most of my current free time is being used for commissions but I am looking to bring more GLab comics to you!

Thanks again and if you need to get in touch you can PM me!




Apr 182014

So as many of you know. For a long while I have looked at ways to do more BE/GTS art. Last year I took a new job which paid the bills but took away from my time to create new stuff. I’m having the time of my life but I come back to the BE/GTS genre a lot and really scratch my head about ways to make new art and make it worth my time.

I’m not talking about greedy millions but some way to make the work more than just a part time hobby. Maybe Patreon is the answer. I’d have to look into it more but I like what I’m seeing. I am pretty sure I couldn’t do hard core sex scenes if I used their site but the standard GTS stories might be fine.

How about you? Know any artists doing art there? I’d love to see if it’s working out for people!


Apr 032014

Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoy the art!

Little bit of a stream of consciousness update. Still drawing behind the scenes. I am actually doing more updates and less public stuff as you may have noticed. That doesn’t mean I have forgotten about you!

As you may recall last year I started on a new adventure with my career and it has been a great, fantastic ride since then. I have no regrets overall but I would love to be drawing more BE/GTS for you. I started doing this a while back; many, many years before I ever posted something public (around 2001 I think). I still check in on the community but I’m not as aware and active as I used to be. That said – are there any new artist you are liking or seeing? I’d love to hear about them. Shows, comics, single panels, the like!

Post in the forums if you want. There is a thread linked to this update and it will take you straight there!

Thanks and talk with you soon! yes! Art is on the way!



Jan 012014

TWO YEARS of the Ready Art Zone!!!!

Thank you so much for checking the site out and the art! I really appreciate any and all visitors as well as the many regulars who check in for new stuff!

2013 was a very nice year for me! I switched careers and though it meant a lot less art than 2012 it was a very good change for my mental health and well being. My prior occupation was, how shall we say, TAXING on the spirit and my new one is a blast. I’m having the time of my life and very, very happy.

BE/GTS art – yes, there is more coming. I am doing commissions at the moment. While that is happening Ragnarok385 and I are collaborating in the back room. Top secret stuff about the plots for the next few Growth Labs. Mostly – he has some really awesome ideas about the direction and flow for the story. I’ll be jumping on those pages as soon as I can!

Last Contest Art – this is long overdue and apologies to the winners! First on my list after commissions are getting these two pieces up for you!

Thank you again and Happy New Year!



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