2017.04.30 Announcing the Random Musings and Gyro ReMasters!

Well, here is another of those requests I get from time to time. Specifically, this is about up-rez’ing and retouching two series that get a lot of Ready Art Zone site traction.

That’s right – the Random Musings series and the Gyro Series!

First off – all regular updates and art will continue as normal! This is a BACKGROUND project!

I have begun a remastering pass on them and they will both be getting the following treatment:

  • All Series will be bound in in PDF format (multiple volumes will be combined)
  • THREE TIME RESOLUTION UPSCALE – to the highest scan I have in my storage files For reference most work is done 2500×3300 and brought to site resolution of about 750×1024
  • Regular dialog balloons added
  • Spelling and grammar correction (well, as best as my limited skills can do)
  • No major change to the art or storylines – they be just like you remember
  • It will be sold in the GLab Stores and the pricing will be comparable to what’s in there now.

To be clear – the reason this one is going to the stores is you can currently view the entire series for free (in low res with bad spelling and rough dialog balloons) in the free gallery. The effort to do this isn’t nominal and I will work my hardest to make it something special for people that would A) enjoy a fresh coat of paint on their favorite stories and B) would like to help support the site with what can effectively be called a donation.

Check out these samples below and also check out the sample Random Musings Redo gallery I put up. THE REDO IMAGES IN THE SAMPLE GALLERY ARE NOT AT FULL RESOLUTION! That’s being saved for the final PDF files.

But Ready? Why do this? I mean, why charge? Why not make it free? WHY EVEN REMAKE THESE!?!?

There are a few reasons and I spoke about one of them. The main one is I do get a lot of requests about re-releasing these in a high resolution format. So there’s that.

A second reason is the site itself is set to work at an optimum resolution that is well under 2500×3500. That kind of resolution is best served at this point with downloads and PDF files. Since these files are basically on the site already and I not technically “redrawing” all the art this kind of redo is likely going to appeal to a specific group here.

Lastly, there’s the obvious time and effort involved. In a perfect world everyone gets the best art for free, I would draw hundreds of free commissions and do requests for everyone, everyday. That sadly isn’t possible BUT I feel I do my best.

You can always see my stories here for free. The format may not be ultra high res but it’s more than viewable. What’s kept the site alive has been the generous support of the Patreons I have as well as the people who donate money. I don’t expect everyone to donate but you have no idea how much it helps. The new faster site, all the regular art, site upgrades (plugins, themes, etc) are all paid for with that capital. This is another avenue for you to drop less than the cost of a latte or a small meal and support your OLD PAL READY!

So thank you, thanks for reading and I’ll keep you posted. If you were looking for something like this I will do my best to make it special!


>>>>> Direct Gallery Link To Samples  – Click Here <<<<<



2017.04.27 Unstoppable Update with SEVEN NEW PAGES!

Unstoppable update is up – SEVEN NEW PAGES!

One more week and Unstoppable wraps up! Ok – it’s been a crazy ride and the crazy times are juuuuust about over. Two weeks from now we start up the New Beginning storyline that clocks in at nearly 200 pages. That story sees a little more return to form with less ‘scary face’ and more BOOBIES!

Also – if you drop into the forums you can see a one page preview of an upcoming comic called “Mad Scramble” about an Augmented Reality experiment gone wild.

Link to that post right here: http://www.readyartzone.com/forum/the-zone/2017-04-27-image-preview-in-forums/




2017.04.27 Image Preview in Forums

Hey all – a quick preview of an upcoming story image is up in the forums (linked to this post below).

This is from the Mad Scramble VR/AR story where we venture into an alternate Growth Lab reality with a slightly different look at virtual reality. By slightly different I mean lots of BE and GTS.

I am thinking about doing more one shot previews like this and putting them up in the forums. That said – let’s get the ball rolling. Check out the link below and remember you DO have to be logged in to get into the forums.