2017.06.23 New Beginning Gallery Update, Contest Winner(s) Announced

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2017.06.23 Contest Winners YOU ALL WIN!

You entered, you won! I’m going to draw all the entries over the next few weeks. Gimmie a little time to do this but it is happening. I’ll start the drawings this weekend and you will likely see uploads starting this coming week.

Since I don’t want to seem partial I will be drawing the entries in alphabetical order as listed below. As I do them I will upload them to a special contest gallery and make an announcement as they go up.

The list in the order I will draw them.

  • Christina Hendricks
  • Erina Nakiri from Shokugeki no Soma
  • Garnet from Steven Universe
  • Hitomi Tanka
  • Joyce Brown from Dumbing of Age 
  • Kat Dennings
  • Lara Croft
  • Naomi Furihara
  • Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy
  • Sakura Haruno from Naruto
  • Super Girl
  • Super Pochaco

Thank you to all those who write a suggestion and look for more contests soon!

New Beginning continues!

Six new pages uploaded.

Gallery link here:  New Beginning Gallery

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This Week’s Uploads in the Member Gallery Now!

New Beginning_038.jpg
New Beginning_039.jpg
New Beginning_040.jpg
New Beginning_041.jpg
New Beginning_042.jpg
New Beginning_043.jpg


2017.06.19 Minor Site Updates Continue

Quick FYI in light of minor updates – Login Widget on the right side bar

Hello All!

Ready here and we are continuing with the minor site updates during this week. You may notice SLIGHT changes to your experience but I trust it is all for the better.

Some highlights

  • Login Widget still on the side – yep, you can login from here NO PROBLEM
  • Admin Bar is gone from the top of the screen – let’s face it. For this site is was pretty useless and without it the art comes at you about 16 pixels SOONER! HA!
  • Access to changing your User Avatar has been made (hopefully) easier – now when you log in you can just go straight to a profile page to edit or upload one!

More to come and if you have ANY issues please mail me directly at granitelog (at) hotmail (dot) com remove spaces and replace characters


2017.06.16 New Beginning Gallery Update, Contest over, entries FINAL!

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