2015.07.10 Michelle Saga – 5 new pages, Patreon updated too!

Michelle Saga - new work. Five new pages up and the Patreon page is updated with the super high-res versions of the art (3500px x 2500px).

Thank you and enjoy!







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New Poll and Patreon Up

Ready Art Patreon Up


A couple things for you! I put up my Patreon page this weekend. My hope is to fund an INCREASE in the amount and quality of the art here. I know not everyone can toss in a ton of money and my request is simply - help with what you can. Any amount is appreciated and it all goes straight into the site and art. This is the same deal it has always been and will be. More monthly money simply means I spend more time on the art and stories.

Let's be ABUNDANTLY clear - the Patreon is a support conduit for THIS WEBSITE. I intend to keep the place free for all. I am inclined to setup Patreon supporters with special access to stories that WILL be published eventually for free or perhaps high resolution files so to tell me what you want or ideas you have.

Go here for donations and feel free to drop me a line here if you have any questions!


New Voting Poll

It's been a while but what do YOU want to see more of? Here's your chance to be proactive and help chart the course for more action and adventure. If you don't see what you like - DROP A LINE IN THE FORUM! I read the responses and listen so try positive reinforcement for the goal you want. It can't hurt right?

Now, go vote and check out the Patreon! As always - thank you for the support!


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2015.06.26 Michelle Sage – Five new Pages! Luna is huge!

Luna really cuts loose this week but look who else might have a surprise too!







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2015.05.15 New RaZ Avatar Sets

New Default Avatars available for you if you don't want to make your own!

I made a few default Avatars based off the color work up here. If you go to the link on the right you will see your profile page and there is an option to change your Avatar in one of the tabs. Just go to the Avatar Pool and pick the one you want and 'accept' it! BAM - brand new avatar for you.

Of course you can always make and upload one yourself if you like (same panel in the options)!



      • I’d like that more than anything. I liked the idea that Naomi wasn’t strong enough (maybe in that moment, maybe at all) to overcome the “government bitch” but that Cat was. It seemed like a lead-up to some big reveal about Cat and why her… energy potential, or something, was so high. I’d love to see a comic exploring that.

        • Well, there’s some good news then. I’m going back to a lot of the old GLabs and other stories and looking to wrap up a bunch of the totally random stuff put in. GLab 7 is on the list as is 2-6. Don’t know how fast I will get to the various stories but I would like to give you and the readers some sense of history with a few of the recurring characters as well as the ones who sorta came and went.

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2015.06.14 Site Updates, Forum and Movies

  • Movies and Stories open to everyone: All people should be able to see the Stories (written) and the Movies from this point forward.
  • Forums: All parts of the forums are visible to guests (you have to register to read)
  • Your Avatar at the RaZ: I created a direct link near your login to the right where you can go to adjust or change your avatar on the site. No need to use the default one if you don't like it!



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2015.06.12 Michelle Saga, five new pages in SPACE!

Latest round of drawings for the Michelle saga part 2 are up! Check it out and see what you think!







  1. Love it. The last 15 pages or so have been awesome! My favourite part of your work(s) is seeing the sort of domino effect of dozens of people growing in turn, especially when one scene leads into the other.

    Really good to see you sharing the love.

    Still hoping the Furiharas come back into the spotlight soon! Maybe with somebody other than Benton for a change ;]

    • Thanks so much. Yeah, this one come out so effortlessly. The pages really were flowing and the whole experience was super enjoyable to draw.
      Furiharas are coming back for sure. We will probably backstory on them soon!

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